Mano Niki Local Glass artist since 1979 / Manouchehr NikiMano Niki
The Co- founder of Niki Design and Glass Studio is Mr. Mano Niki, a visionary artist in the field of glass and mirror, a pioneer in the textured glass industry. Mr. Mano Niki first started this business in 1976, driven by a unique set of skills and a pure desire in developing and creating outstanding works of art. Mr. Mano Niki has built an enterprise in Niki Design and glass studio that is not easily found anywhere else; combining his innate artistic abilities and glass-working skills with today’s technologies.
In Niki’s hands, simple glass becomes a glowing masterpiece wherever it is destined. Mr. Niki’s designs have created new horizons in the world of architectural glass art.


• 1976- the First chain of Niki Glass was started
• 1982- Mano Niki Became the first person in Iran to invent a formula for special type of copper mirrors.
• 1990- Mr. Mano Niki opened up the 2nd chain of Niki Glass in Vancouver, British Columbia
• 1994 Mr. Mano Niki Created and build his own 5 ft X 10Ft ovens in which he started to create stunning glass sculpers, textured glass, fused glass
• 1995- Mr. Mano Niki was the first to design, create and introduce Glass Sinks to British Columbia, Canada
• 2000- Mr. Mano Niki continues to revolutionize the Canadian glass marketplace by creating glass Bathtubs.
• 2005- Mr. Mano Niki created textured glass that fades to clear glass
Mr. Mano Niki’s creations continue to revolutionize the glass industry till today.

Sepi Niki Glass Artist at Niki Design and Glass Studio Vancouver British ColumbiaSEPI NIKI
Sepi is compelled by glass in its many different forms, movements, energy, texture and unique colors. Born into a glass artists family in the 1980’s, Sepi spent much of her time in her father’s workshop learning and exploring the technics of art glass. She loves the transformative properties that occur when integrating these materials and techniques into her glass work. Withover 20 years of experience in architectural glass artistry, Sepi fosters her creative ability and unique style. Her artistry is one of a kind, it captures your imagination with such an intriguing balance. Sepi has been part of numerous exhibit shows, and continues to create new art glass masterpieces. Her work can be seen in hotels and casinos all over British Columbia and her current work “Serena” which honors patients fighting cancer, can be seen at 123 west 3rd. St. North Vancouver, BC.